Here at the best salon in Sydney, the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community, we love to educate our clients on how to ensure their hair remains in perfect condition from the moment they step out of the salon to the moment they step back in. This starts with our comprehensive approach to each and every consultation and continues with our tailored advice on how to care for your hair when you take your best cut, best colour or best style home.

Hair care and styling products can be a little confusing so here our award-winning Paddington hairdressers provide you with a little cheat sheet to help you understand some of the most important ingredients in your favourite products.

Collagen: Increasingly finding favour as a daily supplement for skin health, collagen is naturally occurring but depletes over time. Used in products it coats hair with a very fine protective film.


Oils: Oils today aren’t like they used to be! While it might seem problematic to add oil to hair, after all who isn’t terrified by the thought of oily hair, the new generation of oils, used in the right amounts, can make a huge difference without leaving hair greasy or weighed down. Today’s oils are, more often than not, created from beautiful natural sources and are light and silky so are perfect for softening all hair types. Focus on the ends to ensure they are not overused.


Serums: Think of serums as the power boosting first step in any hair care routine. Created to act as the first treatment to penetrate the hair, it adds an extra layer of efficiency for any treatment products used after them. They are light and watery for easy absorption into the follicle.


Caffeine: Not just for your morning coffee, caffeine can also be used in products to increase the activity of the hair root and is said to help promote hair growth.


Silicone: Once a must have ingredient for glossy hair, silicones are increasingly being shunned for a focus on building hair health and strength. They work by coating the hair shaft to give the illusion of shine, however they also stop treatments from penetrating, attract dirt and pollutants and can be hard to remove. Thankfully the next generation of hair care provides much more hair friendly options.


Keratin: This is a protein which is the main building block of our hair. Any damage toe the cuticle can have an impact on keratin and lead to increased breakage and damage. Products with keratin can help build keratin back up and fill in the gaps.


Primer: Just as with your make-up, hair primers are lightweight creams that are applied to damp hair to help smooth the hair cuticle and protect hair from the elements as well as provide an added layer of protection before heat styling.

Image credit: @jasminedowling