Paddington is feeling decidedly chilly as the temperature continues to drop so it’s time to add in some winter pampering. It’s the time of year when hair is treated to the elements, beanies and scarves and a little less love. But, a little bit of preparation now can turn that around and make winter your hair’s best season yet. Here are a few helpful hair tips from the best hairdressers Sydney, Murphy Gozzard Hair Community.

First things first, you need to call on the hair experts. That’s us! Winter is the time to make sure your ends are regularly trimmed and your colour is refreshed. If you are a little overdue for a booking, don’t leave it any longer, pop in and see the team asap. A bit of time in the salon now will save you and your hair in the long run.

One of the biggest culprits for damage is constant heat styling, which places added stress on your locks. With so much more chance of you blow-drying regularly in the cold weather to attempt to stay warm, resist the urge to overdo it. Dry shampoo is a great alternative to every day washing and drying and takes some pressure off your hair.

Nourishing treatments are key for all hair types right now. Whether it’s an intensive hair mask or a leave-in conditioner, you need to give your hair back the moisture that the cold has stripped out. This is your excuse for some self-care as you relax in the bath while giving your hair a much-needed boost. Steam from the warm water actually helps to intensify the treatment helping you maintain healthy shiny hair.

Winter accessories like scarves, woolly jumpers and hoods play havoc on hair as the constant friction means knots and brittle, damaged ends. This is a great time to play around with new upstyles or even a new shorter crop. Also, be sure to pull hair up loosely and clip or before you head out into the cold whenever you can, then, take it out later.

For more hair care tips and expert hair advice on maintaining your hair throughout the winter months, pop into the best hair salon in Sydney and see our amazing team.

Image credit:  @elleaus

Image credit: @elleaus