Here at the best hair salon in Sydney, we believe that every client deserves plenty of pampering, but we especially love to give a little extra TLC to our very special mums. Whether your children have left home and are out on their own, running around your ankles at every opportunity or are still yet to enter the world, we salute you. It’s an especially wonderful time for pregnant mums to be and with it comes a whole wealth of hair considerations that the team here at Murphy Gozzard can assist you with.

First up, colour. Most women’s concern at this time is the health of themselves and their bub. Hair colour is one of those tricky areas where there are so many conflicting reports and so much confusing information. We recommend that as with all decisions made while pregnant, if in doubt, please consult with your medical professional. Here at the best salon Paddington we work with some of the gentlest and most natural professional products available from La Biosthetique. Be sure to let us know if you are pregnant and we can discuss the safest colour options for you at this exciting time.

Secondly, cut. It’s time to make regular trims a priority to ensure your hair feels fresh and taken care of. We suggest booking in advance to work towards having a fresh cut just in time for bub’s arrival so it’s one less thing to think about. It might also be time to have a think about going shorter as a new length will cut down on hair maintenance when you need it the most! From a pixie crop to a versatile lob, our expert hair cutters have got you covered.

Thirdly, care. Hormones during pregnancy can cause huge changes to your hair. For some, your hair will be thicker and lusher than ever, but for others it will feel lank and lifeless. Hair texture can even change so really it is a wait and see situation a lot of the time. Pop in and we can create a tailored plan to ensure you hair is balanced correctly using our beautiful professional care products from Oribe and Kevin.Murphy.

It can also be a trying time for those who would love to become a mum, so be sure to give yourself some you time to recharge and relax as well. Call us now to book in for some very special Murphy Gozzard attention.

Image credit:  @behatiprinsloo

Image credit: @behatiprinsloo