Here at the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community we are proud to be seen as Paddington’s best hair salon but, along with all the glamour and creativity that goes hand in hand with that, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to give back in a way which is authentic. Our gift to the world is hair. That might sound overly simplistic but we have learned through our work with Sydney Homeless Connect that our job can be so much more than a fresh new colour or elaborate updo. It’s a reminder that hairdressing is first and foremost about people. Talking, listening and giving people the chance to look and feel like the best version of themselves. 

The 3rd July 2018 saw our team assist in our 5th annual Sydney Homeless Connect event. This incredible not for profit organisation is driven by a small group of dedicated humans who have the simple goal of helping those in need. The organisation was established to connect people in Sydney who are experiencing homelessness with the services and care which most of us take for granted through one very special event a year. With 1 in 200 people in Australia considered homeless, the importance of this day can’t be understated.

Murphy Gozzard came on board when we discovered that haircuts and grooming were one of the areas that they wanted assistance with. In some ways we worried that it wouldn’t be enough, but once we got out the scissors and clippers and got started that first year we could see how valuable the simple act of compassionate grooming could be to those in need. All of us need that sense of connection, that pride in the way we are able to present ourselves to the world, and no one deserves it more than these people.

"The 9th Sydney Homeless Connect was one of the busiest we have ever seen. We increased the number of invitations this year to 10,000 and it seems to have had a tangible result with approximately 2,500 people attending the day. While it is wonderful to be able to assist this many people, it is heartbreaking to see so many in need. I personally want to extend my sincere gratitude to the 345 or so volunteers who came along and put in so much. Also a huge thanks to the 75 plus service providers who help make this day so valuable." - Andrew Everingham 2018 Sydney Homeless Connect.

The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community thank the Sydney Homeless Connect team for allowing our Paddington hair salon and Sydney hairdressers to take part in this wonderful event, and we look forward to next year.