Sydney’s streets have felt a little icy lately, so it’s the perfect time to check in with our award-winning Paddington hairdressers to ensure your hair is being treated with plenty of TLC this winter. We consider ourselves one of the best hair salons in Sydney when it comes to restoring damaged hair into incredibly healthy locks, so here are some tips directly from the chair to you to ensure your hair looks amazing right through until spring and beyond. 


First up, hair treatments are key to fixing any existing damage. Winter skin and hair both require more intensive formulas so it’s essential to tailor your treatments to the season. Now is the time to splurge on luxurious and ultra moisturising hair masque formulations and plenty of at home pamper time to let them work their magic. In the salon we recommend taking advantage of one of our cult favourite in house treatments, but at home we recommend either Oribe gold Lust Masque or La Biosthetique Cheveaux Long Intensive Spa Mask Aim to fit this beautiful hair ritual into your schedule at least once a week and you should see a difference soon.


Now you have treated the problem, it’s time to ensure you prevent any further hair damage. Between heat styling and cold dry air, hair is constantly attacked by the elements, so it’s key to limit your exposure. Before styling, always work with a heat protector like La Biosthetique Heat Protector  It’s also a good time of year to start experimenting with hair serums and oils and adding them to your morning routine. Just a small amount can provide a protective layer for your hair throughout the day and lead to less damage overall. Our team of Sydney hairdressers here at Murphy Gozzard love Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil  and Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil


Obviously we are a little biased, but honestly the best way to keep your hair looking amazing as winter draws to a close is to come into our Paddington hair salon for some one on one attention. There is nothing as effective as regular trims and maintenance, so make sure you keep your appointments regular. Now is also the perfect time for a colour tone and refresh or even to start thinking about a possible hair change- time to start planning for warmer months ahead!

Our team of Sydney hairdressers love providing you and your locks with some much deserved winter pampering so come into our Paddington hair salon where it’s nice and warm, and let us do what we do best!