It’s finally warming up and summer is just around the corner. It’s the time of year when it’s all about surf, sand, sun and soirees - all of which can take it out of your hair and leave it dry, damaged and needing a little TLC. The best hairdresser in Paddington, Murphy Gozzard, has you covered with these handy tips to get your hair through the 3 top hair damage offenders this summer season, leaving it in better shape than ever. A little bit of prep will keep your new hair cut and hair colour looking the best in Sydney and beyond.


Heading for a dip, whether at the beach or the pool, is one of the most damaging things you can do to your hair, especially when it is coloured. Salt is incredibly drying and removes any moisture from the hair, while chlorine can dramatically strip colour and leave hair brassy and brittle.

If heading to the beach, be sure to prep hair with a leave in conditioner before jumping in the waves. This protects hair by swelling the cuticle with moisture and making it harder for the salt to cause damage. Getting in with dry hair is a big no no! If you are heading to a glam pool party, you might not feel like dousing hair in moisture, but try to minimise exposure. Tie hair up with a chic scarf or headband and if you do get wet, be sure to take a handy travel size treatment to pop in after towel drying.


Even just everyday exposure to the sun can be damaging, so while you are slip slop slapping your face and body, have a think about your hair as well. Pop on a big sunhat for a day out in the sun or use a styling product with added UV filters to help minimise damage from the suns rays. It’s also a good idea to keep hair gently clipped or tied up when it suits, as there is less chance of damage to the ends from exposure to the elements. After a big day out you should always end the night with an at home treatment to help nourish and repair any dryness.


You have to love the party season with Xmas party after Xmas party, but believe us, your hair doesn’t! When at home styling, it’s easy to do serious damage to hair by using the wrong products and the wrong temperatures on heated styling tools. If you are set on creating your looks at home, be sure to use a heat protectant and try to give your hair a break from the styling every few days. Or better, yet, make your bookings now for your party season events so our team can look after you. You can rest assured your hair will look and feel better than ever when you leave your styling needs to the hairdressing masters at Murphy Gozzard.

Image credit: @voguemagazine