When it comes to debates around hair, surely the long vs. short dilemma is one of the biggest. Do you lop off those long locks? Do you grow out that crop? Here at the best hair salon Paddington, we encourage our clients to do what feels right! Because after all, length isn’t about gender, it’s about who you are. We love to support you in making your hair decisions and educating you to ensure you know what is involved. Our award-winning expert team can help advise you on the best cuts for your lifestyle and face shape, as well as upkeep and styling outside of the salon. Here we look at the merits of long vs. short…


So obviously the key driver here and the reason why so many of us love long hair is the flexibility. There is just so much you can do with it! Updos, intricate braids, soft waves, sleek ponytails or pulled back into a trademark man bun. For versatility longer hair wins hands down- you can even create faux bobs if you want to. Plus, there is something inherently glamourous about cascading hair in rich flattering tones. It’s important though to commit to the upkeep- regular trims to ensure ends are tangle free as well as plenty of care to ensure it is as healthy as possible. With so much hair there is no where to hide lack lustre locks and dry frizz. Ask us next time you come in about the amazing treatments we have available to keep your hair glossy and smooth.


So long hair might look like it has all the fun, but what is more liberating than that feel of a fresh and daring crop? Nothing. Plus, when it comes to convenience, there is no comparison- a perfectly cut pixie wins every time. The guy and girl that can rock out a super short look oozes confidence and we love the addition of a bold colour to go with the new look. Not for the faint-hearted, your hairdresser can hold your hand throughout this process and it can be something you work towards over time if you would prefer. Be sure to choose your stylist wisely as there is nowhere to hide with a short cut, so put your trust in Sydney’s best salon Murphy Gozzard.

On a more serious note, we are proud to be members of The Dresscode Project which is a global alliance of salons and barbershops committed to providing positive, gender affirming services for LGBTQ2S+ clients. This means that we love that long and short hair can stand for much more than just a simple haircut, it can be a way for everyone regardless of gender identity, to express themselves fully, and that we love. So regardless of who you are, regardless of what your hair looks like, rest assured that you will be welcomed with open arms into the Murphy Gozzard family.