Here at the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community we love everything to do with hair and the amazing industry we are a part of, but alongside the glamour and creativity that goes hand in hand with that, we also feel a deep sense of responsibility. A responsibility as Paddington’s best salon to give back in a way which is authentic and true to us and our wonderful clients.

Years ago we made our life changing connection with the incredible organisation Sydney Homeless Connect and we found fresh meaning around how our job can be so much more than a new colour or elaborate updo. It reminded us that hairdressing is first and foremost about people. Talking, listening and giving people the chance to look and feel like the best version of themselves. 

The beginning of last month saw our team assist in our 7th annual Sydney Homeless Connect event at Town Hall. This incredible not for profit organisation is driven by a small group of dedicated humans who have the simple goal of helping those in need. The organisation was established to connect people in Sydney who are experiencing homelessness with the services and care which most of us take for granted through one very special event a year. With 1 in 200 people in Australia considered homeless, the importance of this day can’t be understated.

Murphy Gozzard came on board when we discovered that haircuts and grooming were one of the areas that they wanted assistance with. In some ways we worried that it wouldn’t be enough, but once we got out the scissors and clippers and got started that first year we could see how valuable the simple act of compassionate grooming could be to those in need. All of us need that sense of connection, that pride in the way we are able to present ourselves to the world, and no one deserves it more than these people.

It is crucial to our team that there is no real difference between the way the hairdressers engage with clients at the salon and the guests at Homeless Connect, but there are ways that the guests are different. It can take immense courage for them to sit in the chair and start to create that connection however the simple act of getting a haircut is one way they can exercise control in their life.

As Brett McKinnon explains;

“It’s about making them feel good, having someone touch them positively and having a conversation. We’ve been lucky and we want to share that luck”.

The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community thank the Sydney Homeless Connect team for allowing our Paddington hair salon and Sydney hairdressers to take part in this wonderful event, and we look forward to next year.