As self-proclaimed hair artisans, we take our craft incredibly seriously. The time. The skill. The effort. The passion. We aim to share it all with our beloved clients at our best salon in Sydney, Murphy Gozzard. That’s why we can always appreciate the wonder that is couture. We understand the dedication it takes to create literal pieces of wearable art and the way that it inspires and amazes us all. The couture shows are something special and we were obsessed with a few of the incredible hair looks carefully crafted by our fellow hair masters.  

Here, our award-winning hairdressers near you pay tribute to our favourites.


Some of the most stunning headpieces we have ever seen walked the Givenchy runway. We adore working jewellery and embellishments into hair looks and this show was testament to how beautifully they can enhance a look. The hair was kept simple- clean middle part and tightly swept back with an emphasise on smooth, straight shine. The perfect backdrop for Kaia’s pearl tiara.



No show created quite the level of talk as this one, with the catwalk littered with a new take on the statement dress. Bold cartoonlike slogans emblazoned across sweet pastel confections made quite the talking point. An exaggeration of feminine nightgown-esque dresses, the hair was suitably ethereal with tumbling Rapunzel curls falling down the model’s backs.



This is a look we would love to play with in the salon- gloriously thick bangs dipped in colourful glitter. Heaven. The fringe is meticulously cropped, the hair super flossed and then just the very tips dipped in that iridescence. The look is actually surprisingly wearable and subtle- perfect for someone who wants to add a fun and temporary element to their look. 



After what seems like a lifetime of undone hair and natural looks, we love that dramatic is back! Chanel combined the most unlikely of concepts- “18th Century romance with a nod to 80’s Bowie”. Held in a recreated Villa Chanel, Karl brought a touch of tropical French paradise to snowy Paris and upped the temperature with the sky-scraping hairstyles. The look was rebellious with shades of the New Romantic and plenty of fun with bouffants this size.

You don’t need to be a couture customer to enjoy looks like these. Come and visit the best salon in Sydney and we can create a truly artisan look for you every visit.