Spring has sprung, and with it comes the inevitable arrival of seas of white and florals. But most importantly, thanks to finally getting that all important ‘Yes’, this wedding season will see the joyous partnering of more than just husband and wife. It will be husband and husband. And wife and wife. In honour of these magical celebrations, which finally allow love to win, here we celebrate marriage in all its forms with some handy tips for our brides and grooms to be.

Whether male or female, short hair has it’s own unique challenges. With obviously less hair to work with, styles are limited for the big day. However considering we believe you should look and feel true to yourself, that shouldn’t be a negative. Make sure you book in a few weeks out to make sure you get a fresh cut with enough time to make sure it is perfect. With fewer options, now isn’t the time for drastic changes. If you want to switch it up with an ultra close fade, undercut or part, make sure you come and see us well in advance so we can have a play around with options.

The world is your oyster with long hair, so start thinking about the age old decision of up or down. We love to see brides looking as natural as possible and working with their individual texture and style to create a truly unique look. Whether classic waves, a relaxed chignon at the nape of the neck or a bohemian braid, think about the bride you are. Book in for regular trims and treatments in the lead up to ensure you are ready for the big day. We love the Oribe Gold Lust Transformative Mask.

When it comes to your ceremony, remember that the day should be all about you and your loved one, so make sure you work in your own special touches. For hair, or lapels, consider subtle embellishments that mean something to the two of you - a vintage brooch from your travels, a ribbon from a treasured gift, your beloved’s favourite flowers or a treasured family heirloom. We love helping you to add these special touches to your day and being part of your magical moment.

If you have recently said Yes, come and see our award-winning Paddington hairdressers to help plan your wedding look and ensure it’s everything you hope it to be.

Wedding season has sprung. Image credit:  @mrcooktheflorist

Wedding season has sprung. Image credit: @mrcooktheflorist