Kristin Rankin
Let us introduce the name
For this Toronto hairdresser
Treats everyone the same
An inspirational human
Who dreams of unity
She strives for acceptance
For all in the community

Lesbian, Gay
Bi-sexual, Transgender
Questioning, Queer
What does it matter?
For hair is hair
It’s just a fabric
It grows, it needs cutting
Cue Dresscode Project:

A directory of hair salons
Situated worldwide
We welcome diversity
And celebrate pride
Our services and pricing
Are based on hair length
And the experience you receive
Aims to promote inner strength

Long, short?
Brown, blonde, whatever…
We are a group of hairdressers
Who care not about gender
Our salon doors are open
We offer a judgement free zone
Where together we celebrate
A style of YOUR own

For more info on the Dresscode Project, please visit dresscodeproject.com or search @thedresscodeproject on instagram.

Featured above: Kristin Rankin, founder of The Dresscode Project and owner of FUSS Hair Salon, Toronto