As a community of lifestyle artisans
Styling many clients and friends
We are often asked for our predictions
On the latest hair trends
So this month we bring to you
In the form of a blog post
The trending hairstyles and colours
That we are loving the most
Starting off with styling
Our top 3 picks include
The LOB as worn by Alexa Chung
Wavy, textured and cool
And then there’s the evolution
Of last year’s pixie cut
A shorter style with interesting shapes
From being grown out somewhat
Lastly there’s the 70s shag
Reinvented by Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford
Perhaps not for everyone
But so very fashion forward
Moving on to colour
We’re seeing a progression of the ombre trend
The multiple shade Tortoiseshell technique
Where colour’s applied free hand
We are also loving vintage Rose Gold
A mix of coppery tones
The perfect colour for paler skin
Providing extra warmth and glow
And lastly we expect a high demand
For silvery blondes and grey
Finally, premature ageing
Is seemingly okay!