The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community
Would like to say out loud
Congratulations Brett Albury
We are oh-so very proud!
Named as a finalist
In the Australian Hair Fashion Awards
Brett’s talents have once again been noted
And for that we give him applause
Inspired by the profound lyrics
Of a recent Röyksopp & Robyn song
Brett’s breath-taking collection
Displays authentic personal affection
The assembly of six portraits
Combines modern punk with beauty
And featuring some familiar faces
It honestly captures community

Equally relaying Brett’s signature style
And in keeping with artistic fashion
The colour palette combines soft pastels
With hair styling that is edgy and strong 
So to our very own Finalist
For NSW Hairdresser of the Year
Please join us here at Murphy Gozzard
And give Brett a mighty big cheer!


Collection Credits: 
Title: Monument #14
Hair: Brett Albury – Murphy Gozzard 
Make Up Artist: Kimberly Forbes
Stylist: Britt McCamey 
Photography: Kylie Coutts