Rough Threads is an organisation
That strives to reconnect and restore
The self-dignity and acceptance of homeless people
By providing services and support

As genuine advocates of Rough Threads
Murphy Gozzard are very proud to say
That from 11-2pm on the 11th October
We will be supporting a very special day

Together with a group of volunteers
Providing specialist services and donations
We will be styling the hair of homeless individuals
To help put smiles on their faces

This truly is a rewarding experience
And one that we would like to extend
To a couple of additional skilled hairdressers
Who are happy to assist and attend

So if you would like to join Murphy Gozzard
And be part of the Rough Threads hairdressing team
Then please send us a little email
Expressing that you are keen

And for our non-hairdressing community members
Who would also like to donate
Please visit the Rough Threads website []
And see the difference you can make

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