Hair Shine Time

With autumn now upon us,
Your locks are crying out for care,
All that sun, sea and styling,
Plays havoc with your hair.

But fear not, for there is a solution,
To regaining that sought after shine,
Regardless of your hair type,
Colour, length or style.

The advice from Murphy Gozzard,
Paddington's award-winning hair salon,
Is to indulge your hair with a treatment,
And don't just stop at one.

We pamper our skin with facials,
And each have our daily routines,
To cleanse, tone and moisturise,
Applying tonics, potions and creams.

Your hair needs the same attention,
It craves nutrients to look healthy and shine,
So treat yourself to a hair masque,
For results in next to no time.

So when you are next in to see us,
Or passing by the salon,
Be sure to pick up a product,
The shine competition is on!