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Calling All Caring Stylists...

Rough Threads is an organisation
That strives to reconnect and restore
The self-dignity and acceptance of homeless people
By providing services and support

As genuine advocates of Rough Threads
Murphy Gozzard are very proud to say
That from 11-2pm on the 11th October
We will be supporting a very special day

Together with a group of volunteers
Providing specialist services and donations
We will be styling the hair of homeless individuals
To help put smiles on their faces

This truly is a rewarding experience
And one that we would like to extend
To a couple of additional skilled hairdressers
Who are happy to assist and attend

So if you would like to join Murphy Gozzard
And be part of the Rough Threads hairdressing team
Then please send us a little email
Expressing that you are keen

And for our non-hairdressing community members
Who would also like to donate
Please visit the Rough Threads website [http://roughthreads.org]
And see the difference you can make

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Welcome To The M|G Team

At the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community
We are extremely excited and keen
To introduce two Senior Stylists
To our Paddington hair salon team

Firstly there is Naomi
Who creates simply beautiful hair
She has already slotted right in to the team
With her dedication to client care

Then of course there’s Clayton
A familiar face to some
Known for his creative hairdressing skills
That are truly second to none

And whilst we are talking about
Our growing hairdressing crew
We would also like to welcome
Mayumi and Daniela too

Both girls are MG technicians
With an innate artistic flair
Already demonstrating their commitment
To learning about all things hair

So please join us with open arms
And welcome to the Paddington team
The new faces of our hairdressing community
Whom we look forward to you meeting soon





Pamper Your Pooch With Murphy Gozzard

From lovable little Chihuahuas
To large and noble Great Danes
Here at the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community
We welcome all four-legged friends
Embracing our love of dogs further
And going the extra mile
We are excited to announce a new service
That will make you and your tail-wagger smile
As of the 1st of August
Our Paddington hair salon
Will be offering a pooch-pampering experience
That is definitely second to none
Whilst you enjoy your hair treatment
An expert canine loving team 
Will walk, shampoo and blow dry your pup
Then return them happy and clean
For you and your beloved pooch to enjoy
This unique pampering style play
Simply call the Murphy Gozzard hair salon
And make a booking today.








Murphy Gozzard Apprentices Take To The Stage

On the evening of the 14th July
The Murphy Gozzard flag flew proudly high
With 3 apprentices from our Paddington Hair Salon
Representing our hair community with Wild Life Education.

The sell out event was a collaborative affair
With four professional salons presenting their creativity and flair
Together delivering a night of unique experimentation
A casual evening of hair trend presentation.

Raynee, Eliza and Jackie too
We are oh-so proud of all three of you
You demonstrated onstage presence well beyond your years
And captivated your audience of hairdressing peers.

With your intricate hairstyles, you showed braiding dedication
And together on stage, you delivered an outstanding presentation.
We are so grateful that you are part of our crew
So congratulations and thank you for everything you do

And to Wild Life Hair, our inspirational host
We extend our gratitude and would like to make a toast
As hairdressing colleagues and dear friends too
Our industry wouldn't be the same without you.



Great Hair. Great Cause. And You Are Invited!

On Sunday 27th July, we are inviting you to join the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community in our fight to end slavery with the annual Style for Life Day, in association with HAGAR and ELEVEN Australia.

Now in its second year, the national Style for Life event will see Murphy Gozzard open its salon doors on a Sunday to snip and style as many customers as it can sit in its chairs, with ALL proceeds from the day donated to not-for profit organisation, Hagar.

Hagar is an international charity that works to restore the lives of women and children who have survived severe human rights abuse including rape, pedophilia and modern slavery. With housing and education centres in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Vietnam, Hagar provides specialist trauma counseling, intensive education programs and career training opportunities for people who would otherwise have had no chance of a future.

By booking your next hair appointment at Murphy Gozzard on Sunday 27th July, you will be making a difference to the lives of people in need by supporting the funding, training and economic empowerment of vulnerable women and young people affected by human rights abuse.

Last year, the 12 participating salons involved in Style for Life Day raised a combined total of $21,000 for Hagar, a figure that supported over 40 survivors through the esteemed Hagar-lead Career Pathways program in Cambodia, which includes intensive work readiness training, ‘on the job’ vocational training in the hairdressing industry, employment placement and two years of follow up case management.

Appointments are still available at Murphy Gozzard hair salon in Paddington for Style for Life Day, so call the salon now on (02) 9360 2189 to be part of this extra special day.

For those of you unable to join the Murphy Gozzard team on Style for Life Day, we will be announcing shortly additional ways in which you can help support this cause, so watch this space!



Hairdressing For The Homeless

With a genuine commitment to make a difference not only to the lives of our much-loved clients, but also to the lives of the often forgotten and misunderstood communities around us, we are very excited to announce our newly established collaboration with Sydney Homeless Connect, a non-for-profit volunteer organisation whose primary goal is to connect hundreds of volunteers and service providers with thousands of homeless people here in NSW.

This long-term partnership will kick off at the annual Sydney Homeless Connect event on Tuesday 3rd of June, at Sydney Town Hall, where members of the Murphy Gozzard team will be assisting in the provision of hairdressing services for up to 3,500 homeless attendees.

We look forward to sharing more information with you regarding our involvement with Sydney Homeless Connect soon. In the meantime, for further details on Sydney Homeless Connect, please visit www.sydneyhomelessconnect.com



New Wardrobe, New Hue

With the cooler weather and shorter days, 

Come wardrobe makeovers and new hair shades.

So blondes, brunettes and red heads too,

We invite you to experiment with a beautiful new hue.


From sweet caramels and silvery ash blondes,

To icy-toned brunettes and striking rose golds,

This season’s new palettes are second to none,

So come play with hair colour and remain bang on trend.




Hair Shine Time

Hair Shine Time

With autumn now upon us,
Your locks are crying out for care,
All that sun, sea and styling,
Plays havoc with your hair.

But fear not, for there is a solution,
To regaining that sought after shine,
Regardless of your hair type,
Colour, length or style.

The advice from Murphy Gozzard,
Paddington's award-winning hair salon,
Is to indulge your hair with a treatment,
And don't just stop at one.

We pamper our skin with facials,
And each have our daily routines,
To cleanse, tone and moisturise,
Applying tonics, potions and creams.

Your hair needs the same attention,
It craves nutrients to look healthy and shine,
So treat yourself to a hair masque,
For results in next to no time.

So when you are next in to see us,
Or passing by the salon,
Be sure to pick up a product,
The shine competition is on!


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Murphy Gozzard launch HAIRchalk by L'Oreal Professionnel

L'Oreal Professional Hairchalk

Playful pastels without a tint brush in sight,
Express ombre, subtle or bright.
Tri-colour braids, bang on trend,
French Fringes with matching ends.
From colour block ponytails to rainbow waves,
We invite you to experiment and be a little more brave.
Whatever the creation you have in mind,
Come celebrate colour for a moment in time.


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Celebrating our community and name!

Smiling faces within a hidden oasis.

Classical symphonic interpretations of popular music.

Intimate moments captured on lens.

Glasses raised to close family and friends.

Fig crostini with truffle honey and champagne.

Together celebrating our community and name.

Thank you to everyone who has supported our journey. We could not have done it without you xx