Kristin Rankin

Let us introduce the name

For this Toronto hairdresser

Treats everyone the same

An inspirational human

Who dreams of unity

She strives for acceptance

For all in the community


Lesbian, Gay

Bi-sexual, Transgender

Questioning, Queer

What does it matter?

For hair is hair

It’s just a fabric

It grows, it needs cutting

Cue Dresscode Project:


A directory of hair salons

Situated worldwide

We welcome diversity

And celebrate pride

Our services and pricing

Are based on hair length

And the experience you receive

Aims to promote inner strength


Long, short?

Brown, blonde, whatever…

We are a group of hairdressers

Who care not about gender

Our salon doors are open

We offer a judgement free zone

Where together we celebrate

A style of YOUR own


For more info on the Dresscode Project, please visit or search @thedresscodeproject on instagram.

Featured above: Kristin Rankin, founder of The Dresscode Project and owner of FUSS Hair Salon, Toronto





Our latest collection ‘Love is love’

Comes straight from our hearts

Shot with beloved friends and guests

It’s a collaborative work of art


Together we wanted to showcase

True feelings that deserve recognition

To champion our belief in marriage equality

No matter one’s sexual orientation


As such, the beautiful imagery reflects

The hope that we hold true

That one day in the very near future

We can all rightfully say “I do”.



Hair: The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community
Photography: Cybele Malinowski
Make-up: Chereine Waddell
Styling: Gemma Harben



Thank you

Our unique community
Of hairdressing folk
Have a few words to say
So dear guests, take note.
THANK YOU for entrusting
Our team with your hair
For letting us show you
Just how much we care
THANK YOU for visiting
Our warm salon space
For sharing your stories
With a friendly face
THANK YOU for enjoying
Our selection of T2
Your fine taste in wine
We appreciate too

THANK YOU for supporting
Our charitable events
With words of encouragement
And donations in cents
Our hairdressing home
Would not be the same
Without you, dear guests
So THANK YOU again.



Introducing Anthony

We are excited to welcome, 
To our wonderful community,
Our newest team member,
The talented (tall) Anthony. 
Inspired by history,
Excited by fashion,
He’s a fiend for sugar,
And Scottish by origin.
With 10 years’ experience,
By his side,
Anthony creates hair,
With honesty and pride.
So please join us in welcoming,
To our Paddington salon,
This talented hairdresser, 
And adoring grandson.

Anthony and his beloved Grandmother 

Anthony and his beloved Grandmother 



Spare A Thought

A powerful entity.
One that extends,
Beyond family.
Those less fortunate,
Those less able,
Of those who are ‘different,’
Let’s be more mindful.
A genuine smile,
A simple hello,
An empathic ear,
For things unknown.
Community is gracious,
Community is kind,
Community is sharing,
With an open mind.


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On Sunday 31st July, the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community are inviting you once again to join them in their fight to end slavery with the annual Style for Life Day, in association with HAGAR and ELEVEN Australia.
Now in its third year, the national Style for Life event will see Murphy Gozzard open its salon doors on a Sunday to snip and style as many customers as it can sit in its chairs, with ALL proceeds from the day donated to not-for profit organisation, Hagar. Yes, that’s ALL proceeds… every single cent that you spend in the salon.
Hagar is an international charity that works to restore the lives of women and children who have survived severe human rights abuse including rape, paedophilia and modern slavery. With housing and education centres in Cambodia, Afghanistan and Vietnam, Hagar provides specialist trauma counseling, intensive education programs and career training opportunities for people who would otherwise have had no chance of a future.
By booking your next hair appointment at Murphy Gozzard on Sunday 31st July, you will be making a difference to the lives of people in need by supporting the funding, training and economic empowerment of vulnerable women and young people affected by human rights abuse. 

To make an appointment, simply call the salon now on (02) 9360 2189 to be part of this extra special day.

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Emily says...

In the words of much-loved Emily Green
Murphy Gozzard equals community and team
With her 'to die for' brows and infectious smile
This interview with Emily is one to be seen...


Featuring Emily Green, London MGT Group
Videography & Editing by Jarred Stedman



A Deserving Round of Applause

The Murphy Gozzard Paddington hair salon
As most of you already know
Are committed to creating beautiful hair
Inspiring young and old
Taking our craft to exciting new heights
We are extremely excited to share
That Brett Albury is finalist
In a prestigious award for hair
The Australian Hair Fashion Awards
Celebrate high end hair and fashion
Individuals and company brands
Showcase all or nothing
And for the second consecutive year
Brett’s creative talents have shone through
He is again up for the much coveted award
New South Wales Hairdresser of the Year
But our Paddington hair salon celebrations
Definitely don’t stop there
With our very own Clayton
Also up for an award in hair
Oozing individuality and style
And with a definitive eye for fashion
Clayton has been named Hot Shots Finalist
Brought to you by Mocha Publishing
So please put your hands together
And raise a glass or two
To congratulate this inspiring duo
We are all very excited for you 



An Ode To Penny

As she sits in her room
So astute and regal
We once again honour
An individual so colourful
With an incredible energy
And sense of style
We welcome back Penny
And her knowing smile
Joined by dear Emily
Another beautiful soul
We again look to celebrate
Generations young and old
For at Murphy Gozzard
Where we perfect our craft
We never lose site of
Our heritage and past
As only by learning
From those before us
Can we refine our skills
And deliver the auspicious

An Ode To Penny


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All I Want For Christmas

As the Christmas cheer begins to appear
In the hearts and homes of many
We asked our team to share with us all
What they wish for a plenty
From cuddles, laughter, travel and peace
To cookbooks, fur babies and family feasts
With stocking fillers of kindness and joy
Not forgetting the obligatory chocolate gold coins
Our responses were honest
Endearing and kind
Yet unique and creative
Like their hearts, hands and minds
For a little more insight
On what we asked Santa to bring
Keep an eye on our facebook
It’s a community thing

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Hair gets lighter, life gets better

Embrace a transformation
Spring is on its way
And Murphy Gozzard Loves
Blondes of all shapes and shades
From tortoiseshell and bronde
To platinum or gold
Join the blonde community
It’s open to young and old
So head to Murphy Gozzard
We'll find the right colour for you
You too can shine with confidence
And sport a blonde new hue




On the 21st of July
We were privileged enough
To contribute to the lives
Of those living it rough
Over 400 heads
We helped to style
It was all about community
And helping others smile
Taking the time
To connect with chatter
Haircuts for the homeless
So grateful, no matter
Then this Sunday
We opened our doors
Once again cutting
Hair for a cause
Proudly supporting
Style for life day
Raising money for Hagar
Keeping slavery at bay
$11,000 dollars
Together we raised
So thank you to everyone
Who supported the day

At Murphy Gozzard
We love community
And for us this extends
Well beyond family
Friends, clients
Acquaintances too
Those less fortunate
Community includes you
Community is inclusive
Community is kind
Community is helping others
And giving back to mankind



Opening Our Doors For A Cause On Style For Life Day

On Sunday 26th July, the Murphy Gozzard Hair Community will once again be supporting the annual Style For Life Day in association with HAGAR and ELEVEN Australia, and we would love for you to join us. 

Now in its third year, the national Style for Life Day will see Murphy Gozzard open our salon doors on Sunday 26th July for a special day of cuts, colours, raffles and more, with ALL proceeds from the day being donated to not-for-profit organisation HAGAR.

HAGAR is an international charity that works to restore the lives of women and children who have survived severe human rights abuse. They provide specialist trauma counseling, intensive education programs and career training opportunities for people who would otherwise have had no chance of a future. 
Since its inception, Style for Life Day has raised $59,000 for the esteemed Women’s Recovery and Economic Empowerment programs in Cambodia that aim to provide survivors of human rights abuse with the opportunity to learn a new skill (like hairdressing) through intensive work readiness training, ‘on the job’ vocational training, employment placement and two years of follow up case management - ultimately giving survivors a real sense of purpose and helping them to restore their lives.

With the generous support of our wonderful community, Murphy Gozzard have proudly contributed to this fundraising total over the past two years through our involvement with Style For Life Day, and we are very excited to be part of the initiative again this year. So please help us continue to make a difference to the lives of people in need by booking your next appointment at the Murphy Gozzard hair salon in Paddington on Sunday 26th July.

Simply call the salon now on (02) 9360 2189 to make your appointment and join us in our fight to end slavery.

For more information on HAGAR, please visit




As a community of lifestyle artisans
Styling many clients and friends
We are often asked for our predictions
On the latest hair trends
So this month we bring to you
In the form of a blog post
The trending hairstyles and colours
That we are loving the most
Starting off with styling
Our top 3 picks include
The LOB as worn by Alexa Chung
Wavy, textured and cool
And then there’s the evolution
Of last year’s pixie cut
A shorter style with interesting shapes
From being grown out somewhat
Lastly there’s the 70s shag
Reinvented by Marc Jacobs and Tom Ford
Perhaps not for everyone
But so very fashion forward
Moving on to colour
We’re seeing a progression of the ombre trend
The multiple shade Tortoiseshell technique
Where colour’s applied free hand
We are also loving vintage Rose Gold
A mix of coppery tones
The perfect colour for paler skin
Providing extra warmth and glow
And lastly we expect a high demand
For silvery blondes and grey
Finally, premature ageing
Is seemingly okay!



A Home From Home

Home is where the heart is
And our hearts are definitely here
Alongside our community
Our family, friends and peers

The feeling we genuinely love to create
Is one that is inclusive and warm
Our decor is testament to this
Featuring a community photo wall

Our basins and reclining chairs
Are designed for comfort and care
So you can indulge in a head massage
And treatment for your hair

Also of great importance
To the Murphy Gozzard hair team
Is offering a wide selection of refreshments
Including superb coffee, wine and teas

And then of course there's the end result
Whether it be colour, cut or style
We pride ourselves in exceptional hair
And making our clients smile

So if you are yet to pay a visit
To our Paddington hair salon
Then we invite you to join our community
And experience the Murphy Gozzard welcome




The Murphy Gozzard Hairdressing team
Are excited to announce that we are going more green
Recently joining a nationwide campaign
We are now adding ‘Sustainable Salon’ to our claim
This revolutionary resource recovery plan
Is designed to achieve zero waste in the salon
We will be implementing on and off the salon floor
New sustainable work practices that benefit the community and more
From recycling our waste including foils, colour tubes and cans
To donating cut off hair to local community gardens
We will be striving to reduce our carbon footprint
Caring for the future of our shared environment
To enable us to achieve our sustainability goal
Whilst continuing to provide the care you know
Your service bill will now contain
A small $2 Green Fee for the community’s gain
We thank you kindly for supporting our intent
For a positive outcome for our shared enviroment
As only together can a difference we make
A better future for the next generation’s sake

Sustainable Salons Australia



To Our NSW Hairdresser Of The Year Finalist...

The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community
Would like to say out loud
Congratulations Brett Albury
We are oh-so very proud!
Named as a finalist
In the Australian Hair Fashion Awards
Brett’s talents have once again been noted
And for that we give him applause
Inspired by the profound lyrics
Of a recent Röyksopp & Robyn song
Brett’s breath-taking collection
Displays authentic personal affection
The assembly of six portraits
Combines modern punk with beauty
And featuring some familiar faces
It honestly captures community

Equally relaying Brett’s signature style
And in keeping with artistic fashion
The colour palette combines soft pastels
With hair styling that is edgy and strong 
So to our very own Finalist
For NSW Hairdresser of the Year
Please join us here at Murphy Gozzard
And give Brett a mighty big cheer!


Collection Credits: 
Title: Monument #14
Hair: Brett Albury – Murphy Gozzard 
Make Up Artist: Kimberly Forbes
Stylist: Britt McCamey 
Photography: Kylie Coutts



Your 2015 Hair Story

With the month of January
Already passed
And most 2015 resolutions
A thing of the past

We invite you to consider
The year ahead
And what you want for those
Hairs on your head

From shorter hair crops
To new bangs or layers
The new year presents
Perfect opportunity for change

So come and experiment
With hair shape and form
Mix up your hair colour and
Let your tresses perform

A change they say
Is as good as a rest
So treat your hair
To the very best

And fear not the hair journey
As standing by your side
Will be your talented Murphy Gozzard hairstylist 
Working with much love, care and pride.



It's Our Birthday!

The Murphy Gozzard Hair Community
Around this time last year
Embarked upon a new journey
With much excitement and cheer
As we celebrate our first birthday
And everything we have done
We would like to acknowledge our community
Who to us are second to none
So family, friends and clients too
For the support that you have shown
We would like to say a special thank you
For helping us explore and grow
May 2015 be just as rewarding
For our community at large
As we continue to embrace generational wonder
And together explore our craft